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Drone Services

A Look Inside Loureiro’s Capabilities

Capture State-of-the-Art Imaging More Efficiently

Loureiro’s wide variety of state of the art, top-quality drone services will increase efficiency, accuracy, safety, and cost-effectiveness for a range of projects across industries and service divisions.

Our FAA certified pilots are fully integrated into our dynamic project teams to ensure optimal project efficiency while providing the highest quality digital Survey & Engineering Services. For each project, we will select one of our 3 drone models based on the imagery needs of the project to capture corresponding detail required. Drones can also reach areas that humans and other data collection devices cannot due to their extreme maneuverability and ability to capture 360 imaging.


Loureiro’s drones are of the highest quality and can capture aerial imagery, land surveys, contoured base mapping, or promotional footage, at an incredibly precise level and in the highest quality.


Drones can cover more ground and area at a much faster rate than humans on foot or with a survey tool while eliminating the need for multiple human workers. Results can be delivered digitally and immediately, keeping projects on pace.


The use of drones reduces the need for sending workers up to roofs and other high places. This reduces the risk of falling and the risk of injury involved with ladders and elevated surfaces.


Because drones require less manpower and time while producing high-quality results, they save the client hundreds of dollars in operating costs.

Capabilities & Applications

Loureiro’s drone capabilities cover a wide range of project types and can offer versatility in the form of imaging type, project scope, and presentation of results. Whether you are looking for general survey capabilities or underwater contouring, Loureiro has you covered.

For more details on each service, read below.

Promotional Videos

Loureiro can create edited video content featuring any location and overlay with music or text to highlight key site features.

Aerial Photographs

Aerial photographs can be used for a variety of applications for disciplines like:

  • Industries
  • Schools
  • Farms
  • Businesses
  • Engineers
  • Contractors
  • Landscapers
  • Golf courses
  • Realtors
  • Municipalities/Government

Uses for high-resolution aerial photography are:

  • Marketing a property
  • Construction Documentation
  • Advertising your Company
  • Campus maps
  • Legal documentation
  • Feasibility Studies / Development Planning
  • Special Events
  • Site Management

Land Surveying

Drone technology allows for mapping of all terrains and property safely and quickly, while producing high-quality surveying results that are equal to or surpass traditional surveying methods. This method provides a cost-efficient way to complete more projects in less time with the same accuracy. Whether you are a construction engineer, land developer, realtor, or a full-service firm, utilizing drone surveying services can decrease field time, lower costs, and provide planning and development resources with great accuracy that are reviewed by in-house licensed surveyors.

3D Mapping

Using dedicated and powerful software, we are able to create a 3D model as a point cloud. These point clouds can be used for anything from getting a feel of existing conditions as far as elevation data of the terrain or using it for future improvements. Point clouds are compatible with many software platforms.

Topographic Mapping

Loureiro can fly and map large areas quickly. Loureiro has multiple drones best suited for the job application. We use traditional survey techniques with the drone to be able to tie the data into any coordinate system based on the location of the project. This allows for Loureiro to perform mapping and provide accurate elevation data of any location.

Volumetric Analysis

Using the drone data collected, Loureiro is able to accurately calculate volumes of stock piles on sites, especially construction sites.  Accurate volumes are achievable by essentially “shrink wrapping” objects on site with our drone software.

Thermal Imaging

Loureiro’s drones are equipped with thermal cameras. Our drone can capture thermal images providing heating/cooling loss from an aerial flight, allowing clients to be aware of specific locations on site that need attention.

Using this imaging technology, our clients are able to find defective cells in order to keep solar fields running at their peak efficiency.

Roof Inspections

Loureiro can obtain high-resolution images and maps, allowing clients to assess future maintenance of rooftop without putting a person’s safety at risk.

Bathymetric Boat Drone

Loureiro can provide bathymetric contouring using our remote controlled boat to collect data using eco sounding equipment. This is a safe and time-saving task.

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