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Kaizen Energy Treasure Hunts

Kaizen Energy Treasure Hunts

Kevin Vidmar, Vice President of Energy Services recently presented a webinar entitled “Reduce Energy Costs with Kaizen Energy Treasure Hunts“.  The seminar presented the typical Kaizen Energy Treasure Hunt process including preparation steps, the event itself, data gathering and analysis, quantification methods, typical opportunity prioritization methods, and some of the lessons learned from assisting with numerous events.

To view the webinar on youtube, click here.

To learn more about our Energy services, click here.

Kevin Vidmar joined Loureiro Engineering Associates in 2009 to establish the Energy Services Division in Rhode Island. Mr. Vidmar has more than 26 years of industrial experience with health, safety, environmental and energy issues and has worked with a wide array of companies around the world to help them identify and implement energy reduction measures. Over the years he has held many different manufacturing positions, including environmental manager, safety manager, energy manager, facilities/ maintenance manager, and plant manager. In these positions, Mr. Vidmar has taken energy reduction projects from concept to full implementation, as he is doing on behalf of Loureiro clients today.

Kevin can be reached at 401.965.7608 or by email at

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