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Materials Innovation And Recycling Authority Selects Loureiro For 3-Year Contract

Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority Selects Loureiro For 3-Year Contract

July 2016

The Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority (MIRA) recently selected Loureiro for a three-year, on-call contract to provide general engineering, recycling engineering and environmental consulting services to its recovery facilities located in Hartford, Preston, Bridgeport and Wallingford, Connecticut.

MIRA is Connecticut’s quasi-public organization responsible for the development and operation of systems and facilities that turn municipal solid waste into useful materials. MIRA became the successor to the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority (CRRA) and assumed control over all of CRRA’s assets, rights, duties, and obligations. MIRA is a public instrumentality and political subdivision of the State of Connecticut. Its systems and facilities provide for solid waste disposal and volume reduction, the separation and processing of commodities which are shipped to manufacturers for use to produce new products for homes and businesses, and the production of energy from the non-recyclable portions of the solid waste.

Loureiro is excited for this opportunity to support MIRA’s systems and facilities and to bring our engineering, environmental and waste management expertise to their resource recovery facilities. We look forward to helping MIRA in its endeavor towards providing the residents and municipalities of the State of Connecticut with environmentally sound solid waste disposal, reuse and recycling best practices and solutions.

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