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Energy Trainings for Others

Energy Trainings for Others

Energy Trainings for Others

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Markets: Industrial, Commercial, Government, Real Estate, Education and Healthcare

Understanding Energy Using Systems and Energy Reduction Opportunities

This 8-hour training is an overview of a wide variety of energy processes and how energy savings can be achieved through applying conservation and efficiency to each. The goals of this training are to understand how and why energy is used in various systems, obtain a general understanding of energy reduction opportunities, and then prepare a draft plan to start saving energy with each system.

Understanding, Preparing, and Using Energy Metrics  

The 4-hour energy metrics training provides an introduction on what energy metrics are, how they are created, and why they are helpful for tracking energy use and savings. Properly defined metrics provide a reliable method to track usage on a month-to-month and year-to-year basis, allowing companies to know where their energy is being used and determine if there is room for improvement. Loureiro presents useful methods by which metrics can be prepared, including using weather comparison, production normalization, Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI), and Energy Charting and Metrics (ECAM).

Energy Reduction Using Six Sigma, Kaizen, Lean, 5S, and Behavioral Energy Change (BEC)

This 4-hour training gives a brief overview of the various options sites can take to achieve energy savings.

  • Six Sigma is a fairly rigorous effort that helps facilities achieve, sustain, and maximize success. Six Sigma can efficiently identify these energy-related problems and opportunities.
  • Kaizen is a short energy analysis event with intense activity and effort with immediate action in mind. This includes any action, from optimizing HVAC to process optimization, which saves energy. Specific goals are achieved within a specific area or process. Throughout the event, there are daily progress reviews showing true achievements by the team.
  • Lean focuses on the elimination of non-value add activities. Projects are not Lean specific – rather this serves as a frame of reference or school of thought when thinking about energy use.
  • 5S is a system that stands for Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. Each of the 5S categories tries to enforce the right habits at the facility which can provide robust cost savings when applied to energy.
  • Behavioral Energy Change (BEC) is the systematic application of human relationship principles to energy reduction. The facility systematically involves employees at all levels to reduce overall energy usage.

Energy Reduction Using Strategic Energy Management (SEM) or ISO 50001

This 4-hour training educates attendees on the benefits of ISO 50001 and/or SEM. SEM and ISO 50001 are strategic energy management programs that set specific energy goals and actions, and using a plan/do/check/act system, ensure that results are achieved, and progress is maintained.


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