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Former Perfume Factory Chemical Removal

Former Perfume Factory Chemical Removal

Former Perfume Factory Chemical Removal

Location: West Haven, CT

Services: , , ,

Markets: Industrial, Real Estate


  • Identification and packaging of various unknown chemicals
  • Disposed of the chemicals in 55-gallon drums through a vacuum truck or mechanically


A realty company in Southern Connecticut purchased a five-story building that was previously used as a furniture store, to remodel it into an apartment building. During the course of inspection of the site, Loureiro came across multiple floors of chemicals and unused product, necessitating a decontamination and decommissioning effort. The building had housed a perfume factory from the early 1900s to the 1950s, and Loureiro was tasked with identifying, categorizing, consolidating, and ultimately transporting and disposing of a variety of chemistry left on the property.


The chemicals were stored in the basement and on the fourth and fifth floors of the building. There was no elevator to the basement, and many of the chemicals didn’t have labels to identify them. The challenge, other than finding the chemicals under mountains of debris, was to identify each chemical in the field, and move all of them to the first floor for repackaging. Loureiro lab packed small quantity product bottles, while larger quantity product was poured off into 55-gallon drums. The basement had a number of 55-gallon drums that were either pumped out via vacuum truck if they contained liquids, or mechanically moved from the basement if they contained solids. Basement drums that were not acceptable for shipment over the road had to be placed into 85-gallon overpack drums. Empty bottles and debris were disposed of as construction and demolition material. The work was completed in approximately 10 days by Loureiro’s Facility Services technicians and supported by a Loureiro chemist, while a Loureiro project manager provided oversight.


Loureiro’s Facility Services team allowed the real estate company to remove and properly dispose of some extremely dangerous small quantity chemicals in a timely matter. Loureiro Facility Services was able to conduct this work in a building that normally would not house waste material, and worked through limiting logistic factors, to move the material out of the basement and upper floors of the building to a safe area to be identified, logged, and packaged.  The real estate company was able to move forward with construction/remodeling of the building upon completion of the project, and successfully maintained the project timeline.

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