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Machine Guarding Operation and Maintenance

Machine Guarding Operation and Maintenance


  • Conducted a machine risk assessment
  • Assessed 28 machines in 1 million + sq. ft. facility
  • Maintained compliance with both regulatory and non-governmental standards


Loureiro provided practical machine guarding solutions and installation services for the Machine Tool Services department and Engine Center, located in four separate buildings at a Connecticut based aerospace manufacturing facility.

A total of 28 individual machines were assessed within a maintenance and manufacturing area of over 1 million square feet. Based on inherent risk and exposure to employees, as well as compliance with regulatory and non-governmental standards (OSHA Subpart O, ANSI B.11, NPFA 79, ISO 13849), specific machine guarding solutions were implemented. The solutions were all designed to reduce risk to an acceptable level, as well as accommodate employees and production processes.


To commence this engagement, Loureiro conducted a machine risk assessment at the facility, and provided a quantitative risk score for each machine. Scoring was based on the potential severity of injury, frequency of exposure, and existing machine guarding controls.

Installation of machine guarding solutions were provided on a turnkey basis, integrating with each machine’s control system (hardware and software), with additional measures taken to upgrade circuit control reliability. Machine guarding solutions included a combination of fixed and moveable hard guarding, to provide a physical barrier from the point of operation, emergency stops with anti-restart protection, interlock controls to limit personnel access or machine movement, and presence sensing equipment. The category of control reliability was selected based on inherent machine risks identified in the risk assessments, and internal client policies.

Loureiro then provided training of operators/maintenance staff on machine guarding operation and maintenance. Auditing for validation of compliance and conformance with regulations and company standards was provided. Post-implementation, Loureiro continues to provide on-going support and adjustments for process/operator changes and maintenance.


The guarding solutions installed by Loureiro improved the overall safety of the machines and reduced the risk to machine operators to an acceptable level. Each guarding solution was designed with input from machine operators to maintain machine functionality and usability. Further, the machine guarding solutions achieved compliance with both regulatory and non-governmental standards. The projects were completed over the course of 6 months.

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