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Post Monitoring and Verification

Post Monitoring and Verification

Post Monitoring and Verification

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  • Calculate savings of $24,000 per year
  • Electrical Discharge Machine and Mist Collector use analysis for idling and operation time


Loureiro’s Energy Division helps a large aerospace manufacturer achieve energy savings toward their target greenhouse gas reduction goals. After recommendations have been made, Loureiro also assists in the installation and verification of the recommended equipment.


Loureiro’s Initial Energy Audit

Using data loggers over multiple weeks, Loureiro found that the Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) equipment was not heavily utilized, while the mist collectors (MC) associated with it were never shut off.  The mist collectors need to run while the EDM machines are in use, in order to collect by-products and particulates created in the air. After receiving Loureiro’s recommendations, the facility decided to implement the EDM interlock measure; this allows the mist collector to only run when the EDM machines are in use.

Electrical Discharge Machining Equipment – Existing Operation

The existing operation of the EDM equipment during the post metering was similar to the data collected during the initial energy audit, shown below where the red line represents the EDM and the grey line represents the MC:

Electrical Discharge Machining Equipment

EDM Equipment – Retrofit/Interlock Operation

Data loggers were also installed on the retrofit/interlocked system to ensure that the system was operating as intended and energy savings were being achieved.

The graph above shows how the EDM machines were operating at the beginning of the logging period and then stayed in an idle state for the remainder of the period. During this same time, the mist collector turned off.

However, the team then dug further to ask if the EDM machine truly needs to be on and drawing power during non-production periods. Loureiro then also found simple methods to also save EDM idling time when the machine is not needed but still using energy.  


By monitoring the EDM and MCs after the implementation of the interlocks, Loureiro was able to recommend programmable logic controller (PLC) changes to turn the EDM machines off when there is no production. This was an additional calculated savings of $24,000 per year.

Loureiro’s Energy Division has extensive expertise in pre and post monitoring of equipment at facilities for the utility’s requirements or the site’s knowledge. Through these monitoring and verification studies, Loureiro can capture real time and accurate data to quantify energy savings.

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