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Seymour Town Building Renovations

Seymour Town Building Renovations

Seymour Town Building Renovations

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  • Town reduces overall energy consumption in municipal facilities by upgrading to highly efficient MEP systems
  • Incentive-based savings from local utilities enabled the lighting in the town library to be upgraded, in addition to the original project scope


The Town of Seymour, Connecticut issued a Request-for-Proposal (RFP) for design services for the renovation of three Town buildings including the Library, Town Hall and Police Department.  Ames & Whitaker Architects teamed with Loureiro to respond to the RFP. The Ames & Whitaker/Loureiro team was selected as one of three teams to interview with Town representatives to get the project.  Following the interview, the Ames & Whitaker/Loureiro team was selected as the successful bidder.

All of the Town buildings included in the project had not been updated in many years and, as such, had outdated Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) systems.  The Library basement was of limited use due to poor ventilation and the entire building had outdated, inefficient lighting. The Town Hall had outdated, inefficient Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. The Police Department had been experiencing water intrusion and poor performance of the existing HVAC systems, plus, the existing building management system had failed resulting in significant additional energy consumption from miss-operation of the HVAC systems.


Loureiro provided MEP engineering as part of the project.  The Town had a rough scope-of-work along with a maximum budget established for the project.  Loureiro met with the Building Committee representing the Town regularly, to best understand and further define the needs of the Town while staying within the project budget.  Over the course of the design, Loureiro developed and refined estimates for the installed costs of the MEP design items. As part of the design services, Loureiro worked with the local utilities to secure incentive savings for the project, which allowed for the lighting in the Library to be upgraded, in addition to the original project scope.


All of the updated systems installed as part of the project, including replacement HVAC and lighting systems, were specifically selected due, in part, to their superior energy efficiency.   The end result is expected improved performance of the building MEP systems, significantly reduced energy consumption, and the corresponding operational savings for the town.

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