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SONO Fieldhouse Sports Complex

SONO Fieldhouse Sports Complex

SONO Fieldhouse Sports Complex

Location: Norwalk, CT

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Markets: Real Estate


  • Construction of a 55,000 square foot indoor sports complex
  • Loureiro’s remediation approach saved the client $3,000,000
  • Coordination and integration between Environmental Assessments, Construction, and Waste Management divisions


Following the failure of a prior developer to gain approval for a bulk fuel terminal, a real estate company in Norwalk, Connecticut retained Loureiro to provide civil, SMEP, and environmental services and Loureiro Contractors, Inc. and WorkWaste to provide construction and waste management services during construction.  The real estate company needed a firm that could integrate remediation with planned development. This project consisted of the demolition of an existing solvent processing facility, installation and preparation of the new site infrastructure, and construction of a new 55,000 square foot indoor sports complex. The soil and groundwater at the site was heavily impacted by releases of chlorinated solvents and oils, and to a lesser extent by polychlorinated biphenyls and heavy metals.


Loureiro developed a remediation plan that integrated with the overall redevelopment concept for the site. The remediation involved:

  • A small excavation to remove petroleum-impacted soils
  • Installation of an engineered control, consisting of a flexible membrane liner under landscape and paved parking areas
  • Installation of an engineered control consisting of a sub-slab depressurization system and liner beneath the new building
  • Installation of a soil vapor extraction system to treat the most impacted soils under the new building

The plan was presented to the State of Connecticut, and the installation of the engineered control was approved. Loureiro was able to help the real estate company quickly change the redevelopment approach, from a bulk fuel terminal to an indoor sports complex. In less than 24 hours, we modified the plan and presented it to the new owners. The cost for implementing the Loureiro plan was approximately $3M less than a conventional excavation and disposal approach. Loureiro also completed the demolition of existing structures, all remediation and site preparation activities, and the installation of the building foundation utilizing a design-build delivery approach.

In the middle of the construction project, the real estate company asked Loureiro to complete a structural engineering design of the foundation system and to develop a cost-effective solution to manage unsuitable soils. The solution involved excavating the inadequate soils and replacing them with structural fill, eliminating the need for a pile-supported foundation which had been recommended by a prior consultant. This approach kept the project on its accelerated schedule and provided in excess of $150,000 in cost savings. Loureiro was able to demonstrate the benefits of integrating the site work, foundation construction, and remediation construction, and validated the merits of design-build project delivery.


Loureiro showed its cross-functional expertise and agility by first developing a cost-saving and flexible remediation approach, delivering its design on budget through a design-build delivery system, and quickly developing a cost-effective solution to a condition that had the potential to derail the project budget and schedule by leveraging its structural design capabilities.  The design-build approach allowed for immediate decisions that kept the construction team moving forward, completing the work on time and on budget. Once the project was completed, the client had saved over $3,000,000 compared to a conventional remediation approach.

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