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Superfund Site

Superfund Site

Superfund Site


Markets: Industrial


On call scanning for multiple properties across a Superfund site, that stretches miles along an active river. This multi-year project includes large excavations using a variety of methods including hand auguring, air knifing, trenching, dredging and vibracoring. The utility clearance team has cleared numerous soil borings, well installations, test pit locations and other environmental investigation work.

Due to potential sensitive receptors within the project area, the project required a “clean corridor” for all utility lines. This clean corridor required the excavation of contaminated soils surrounding all of the identified underground utilities (i.e. electrical, gas, fiber optics, storm drains, and sewer lines)


While part of a signal project the scan area is spread out across a distance of multiple miles. Constant communication and multiple site walks are required to provide proper utility location guidance.

Communication between multiple entities (excavation contractor, environmental project management and field staff, housing authorities designated management and government agencies) to discuss utilities/anomalies identified prior to the start of excavation actives.

Excavation of the clean corridor required the mark out of underground utilities which coincided with each other. Required the use of a combination of EMI and GPR equipment to isolate the individual utility lines.


As part of Loureiro’s groundbreaking procedure a CBYD ticket is required.  During this process, a utility location was incorrectly marked in the field by the CBYD contractor. Loureiro was able to prevent contact with the line which was identified later to be a natural gas line, by properly identifying the location utilizing GPR.

Loureiro was successful and continues to be successful in our ability to identify utilities at depths that coincide with each other, and accounting for all of the utilities in the vicinity of an assisted living complex.  Based on recommendation by the underground utility locating team, each of the utility lines were hand dug to prevent potential strikes.

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