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Supreme Forest Products and Quantum Biopower Redevelopment Project

Supreme Forest Products and Quantum Biopower Redevelopment Project


  • Developed clean facilities for wood processing, leaf composting, and food waste processing
  • Permitting support, site planning, and environmental compliance consultation
  • Established the first anaerobic digester in CT, and furthered the State’s goals of landfill reduction and sustainable energy production


Supreme Forest Products, Inc. and Quantum Biopower Southington LLC assembled a variety of parcels for redevelopment in an industrial area in Southington, Connecticut. The redevelopment plan called for volume reduction technologies that included a clean wood processing facility, a leaf composting facility, an anaerobic digestion facility, and mulch and wood chip processing operations.  The anaerobic digestion facility receives food waste and processes it within a reactor to accelerate the digestion process and produce biogas and compost. The biogas will be used to generate electrical power through an on-site combined heat and power (CHP) unit. Supreme was interested in gaining the necessary permits for a variety of solid waste activities. They came to Loureiro for our vast knowledge and expertise.


Loureiro provided assistance with the preparation and processing of state and local permits, and prepared an application for a General Permit to construct and operate Certain Recycling Facilities, to quickly allow clean wood processing at the facility. Loureiro also prepared a comprehensive permit application for an individual Permit for Construction and Operation of a Solid Waste Facility. The necessary New Source Review application package for submission to the Bureau of Air Management and the permit application packages to support the site planning requirements (through the town), and the related stormwater requirements through DEEP (Department of Energy & Environmental Protection) were prepared. Loureiro worked closely with the wastewater pretreatment facility vendor, the Town, and DEEP to permit the related wastewater discharge through the Town’s sanitary sewer, for final treatment and discharge. Loureiro provided preparation of a stormwater pollution control plan, and the application package for general permit for stormwater from construction activities. Loureiro also provided consulting services and application preparation services for the reuse of one of the Town’s landfills for volume reduction activities.


By partnering with Loureiro, Supreme Forest Products and Quantum Biopower Southington established the first permitted and operational anaerobic digester in Connecticut, which advanced the state’s goal towards reducing Landfilling waste by 50%. At full capacity, the facility will divert 52,560 tons of waste every year. Further, the facility has the capacity to provide up to 1.2MW of power to the town through virtual net metering. This facility provides revenue streams from tipping fees, energy production and from the solids removed and commoditized for planting medium. The success of the anaerobic digester has led to an opportunity for expansion, supported by further collaboration between Loureiro, Supreme Forest Products, Inc., and Quantum Biopower.

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