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Trademark Fairfield Apartments

Trademark Fairfield Apartments


  • Permitting and environmental compliance leadership
  • Successful development of a mixed use facility (residential, retail, offices) near a city transit hub


Loureiro was retained by Skala Partners, LLC, a real estate development and management company, to provide civil and environmental engineering and survey services to permit and construct a 101 residential unit mixed use development in Fairfield, Connecticut. This development is situated in a transit-oriented district located steps away from the Fairfield Metro Station and will have offices and retail at the ground level.

The development is located along the town’s east trunk sewer, which has known capacity issues, and has been a considerable hurdle in fostering development within this area. However, this redevelopment project was very well received by the town’s land use boards and commissions, as the site was designed by Loureiro with low impact development stormwater features, with 100% stormwater retention.  


Loureiro provided the boundary and topographic mapping used in the permitting and construction process for the project. Loureiro developed a Site Plan depicting the proposed building structure, walks, access drives, and exterior parking improvements, and a lighting and photometric plan. Loureiro also prepared the Utility Plan, including connections for water, sewer, gas, communication and power, along with a Grading and Drainage Plan and Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plan.  

The biggest challenge was gaining the authorization from the town’s Water Pollution Control Authority for the new sewer connection.  This undertaking required a detailed assessment of the capacity of the downstream sewers, including routing, inspections and flow monitoring, knowing that restriction was in place.  Loureiro was a familiar and respected name to this authority, and was consequently selected to lead the engineering process. Loureiro further provided miscellaneous engineering support as needed to support the architect, landscape architect, and traffic consultants.  The project was designed and permitted in approximately 10 months followed immediately by construction, which lasted for about one year.


Upon completion of construction, this project opened up a new community within this section of town, offering convenient access to the Fairfield Metro Station and downtown Fairfield.  This site represented the first phase of a multi-phased redevelopment within the Commerce Drive area. Loureiro continued on with Skala to prepare Contract Documents and provide Contract Administration services during construction on this phase of the project and provided additional design and permitting services for the future phases of the project.

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