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Utility Identification and Markout

Utility Identification and Markout

Utility Identification and Markout

Location: Connecticut


Markets: Industrial


A new fiber optics approximately 1,250 feet utility trench needed to be excavated and installed from utility pole to building to accommodate the installation of dedicated fiber optics for a military building.  Due to budget restraints for fiscal year, worked need to be completed in a short timeline.


During utility scanning, multiple active utilities were identified in the proposed path of the new fiber optics trench.  The proposed path of the fiber trench was not feasible with a short timeline because it would require hand digging near utilities.

Detailed and clear communication was needed to properly warn about the hazards when the excavation contractor was under the pressure of a time line. This project required communication directly with the vice president of the utility company to develop solutions.


Loureiro was able to scan an alternate path for the fiber trench and communicate successfully with the client, which allowed the project to be completed ahead of schedule and before the new fiscal year.

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