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Trademark Fairfield Apartments

Trademark Fairfield Apartments

Loureiro was retained by Skala Partners, LLC, a real estate development and management company, to provide civil and environmental engineering and survey services to permit and construct a 101 residential unit mixed use development in Fairfield, Connecticut.
Group Learning In A Training Session

Energy Trainings for Others

Loureiro Engineering’s Energy Division has provided many different energy trainings for both state utilities and private organizations such as the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).
Post Monitoring And Verification - Energy Management

Post Monitoring and Verification

Loureiro’s Energy Division helps a large aerospace manufacturer achieve energy savings toward their target greenhouse gas reduction goals.
Kaizen Energy Treasure Hunts

Kaizen Energy Treasure Hunts

A Kaizen Energy Treasure Hunt is a 2-4 day lean manufacturing improvement event where energy saving opportunities are found with the purpose of immediate action.
Energy Use Assessment For Industrial Bakery

Energy Use Assessment for Industrial Bakery

A bread manufacturing company in Southern Connecticut, engaged Loureiro to conduct an Energy Use Assessment to help them identify ways to reduce energy consumption in their bakery.
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