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Underground Utilities

Our team has decades of experience implementing underground utility site improvements involving sewer, water, gas, steam, and electric. We install new sewer drains and sanitary sewage pump stations, install cured-in-place pipe liner systems, emergency repairs and stabilization of underground utility pipes and much more. We know that often times underground utility issues occur in emergency situations, and we frequently mobilize crews and equipment rapidly so we can address a utility problem as quickly and effectively as possible.

Services Offered:

  • Installation of sewer main and laterals including force mains
  • Domestic water and fire lines including meter pits, hydrants, PIV’s, and appurtenances
  • Excavation for installation of gas lines and electrical/CATV conduit
  • Excavation and concrete work for electrical substations
  • Excavation and concrete work for steam and condensate systems
  • Wet well and duplex submersible pumps and pump stations
  • Pump control buildings including emergency generators and ancillary equipment
  • Various pipe liner systems
  • High head large diameter temporary pipe plugs
  • Bypass pumping base flow and stormwater flow
  • Final restoration including roadways, parking, and landscape areas
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