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Assessing Energy Reduction Opportunities (AERO)

Many companies perform energy audits, but they typically focus on “big ticket” items: those obvious – but costly – efficiency changes. Loureiro’s energy audit program, Assessing Energy Reduction Opportunities (AERO), has a different philosophy: we first review energy use from the “inside-out”, from its end use back toward generation. Our reasoning is simple: if you don’t need to use the energy in the first place, you will not have the upstream energy generation/distribution losses. We believe in first evaluating conservation, then looking at efficiency, and finally studying the synergy of the two. Only after this process do we believe it is appropriate to review alternative energy sources.

Our inside-out approach typically finds great savings with little or no cost, often decreasing the ultimate cost of major capital projects. It also provides the client with the widest array of cost-effective energy reduction opportunities, frequently providing strong energy savings simply through the better use of existing equipment. Our approach helps you classify energy use as baseload, production-driven, weather-related, or employee-driven, so you can make better decisions on appropriate courses of action.

We also evaluate larger energy use systems, such as boilers, HVAC, and lighting. However, because our team has designed and installed many systems, we know the intricacies and true costs of any major changes and can help you through the complete process of evaluation, design, and installation.

We can perform simple ASHRAE Level 1 analysis, a more detailed Level 2 analysis (most common), or an investment-grade Level 3 analysis. Whatever your energy evaluation or reduction needs, we can provide you with the most cost-effective plan to achieve it, while allowing you to better target your limited energy reduction resources.

Within Connecticut, the Connecticut Energy Audit Incentive Program sponsors Energy Use Assessments (EUAs) to eligible businesses. The EUA requires minimal out of pocket costs and can decrease your energy bill by 20%.

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