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Kaizen Energy Treasure Hunts

Loureiro performs energy usage assessments utilizing Kaizen Energy Treasure Hunts that will train your team to evaluate and take control over your energy reduction initiatives. We train the site team on the overall process and what to look for, and then also manage the event to maximize results. We simultaneously provide expertise for identification and quantification of energy reduction opportunities. By working together with on-site staff, the likelihood of energy reduction actions being put into permanent practice is heightened and the site receives buy-in.

Kaizen Energy Treasure Hunts conducted by Loureiro typically identify energy reduction between 10-30% of full site utility costs and payback of less than one year for all items combined. In a typical event, we work with the site team to take immediate savings actions that, more often than not, immediately pay for the event.

Loureiro is an expert in this area, having provided Kaizen Energy Treasure Hunt training to Connecticut utility clients and for the Association of Energy Engineers.

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