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Industrial Wastewater Engineering

Our environmental and chemical engineers support the permitting, design, and installation of large, facility-wide zero discharge wastewater treatment and recycling systems to small, localized treatment systems. We offer the in-house expertise to deliver truly customized, turnkey wastewater treatment and recycling systems for our clients. Our ability to seamlessly integrate all required disciplines to develop a complete solution sets us apart from our competition. Our experience with operating treatment systems is reflected in our design with innovations included to minimize required operation and maintenance (O&M).

We encourage water conservation as a general initial step in the design evaluation for a new system or existing system modification. We routinely design and install process water controls to reduce wastewater generation, including metal rinse water feed controls, water, and chemical recycling, rinse water tank flow patterns, cooling tower evaluations, tank ventilation/IH studies, and other methods. Reducing wastewater production often allows us to significantly reduce the size and cost of treatment/recycling systems, which save our clients money on installation and O&M.

Our engineers work hand-in-hand with our chemists at Tunxis Laboratories to perform detailed treatability studies that serve as the foundation for the design of reliable solutions for our clients. We own our own pilot-scale equipment for sites with complex and variable wastewater streams. Our up-front, detailed design ensures that we get it right the first time. We do not push our clients toward a particular brand of “off-the-shelf”, pre-engineered systems, that sometimes require add-on processes to produce reliable systems. We are often able to make recommendations to optimize existing facility treatment systems to avoid the cost of a new system when it is not cost-effective.

Services Offered:

  • Wastewater reduction and recycling studies
  • Metal finishing line optimization solutions
  • Treatability studies and onsite pilot studies
  • Permitting and design
  • Turnkey wastewater treatment/recycling systems
  • Aquatic Toxicity Solutions
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