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Structural Engineering

Our structural engineers provide a complete range of design solutions for our clients on projects of all sizes and complexity. Our service scope includes new design services for large multi-level building structures, smaller complex structural design for boutique-type buildings, alterations of existing buildings, peer reviews, demolition support for all types of structures, investigation of building envelope failures, specialty industrial applications, and litigation support services.

We are involved with the planning, development, and engineering design of every project, and balance constructability, budget, and sustainability to meet our clients’ expectations. Success comes only from having a clear understanding of the interactions between all components of the construction process, including architectural coordination, building envelope considerations, and the buildings’ mechanical support systems. Through our multidisciplinary knowledge and understanding of building systems, we balance each building’s aesthetic and performance requirements with practicality and economics.

Services Offered:

  • Modifications of/alterations to existing building structures
  • Feasibility study/technology evaluation
  • Analysis of lateral building loads related to seismic or wind loading events
  • Building code investigations
  • Value engineering
  • Complex foundation designs for difficult sites
  • Temporary structures
  • Condition assessment of existing structures
  • New building designs
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