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Environment, Health and Safety

Environment, Health and Safety

Health and Safety Consulting

Loureiro offers a wide variety of Health and Safety services, enabling clients of all sizes to efficiently use us as a single source for all of their operational needs. We are capable of supporting a client’s full regulatory compliance needs, even when they require advanced risk reduction services.

Our Health and Safety (H&S) consulting staff includes professionals who have led Health and Safety programs in major industries and senior staff with at least 20 years of industrial, construction, service and/or municipal H&S management experience. Many of us hold CSP, CIH, PE and CHMM certifications. Having led H&S programs throughout Europe as well, we pull from extensive international experience.

Clients engage us for:

  • Immediate help following a concern, compliant, incident or OSHA inspection
  • Assistance understanding and implementing a new requirement or regulation
  • Expertise to supplement their part-time or inexperienced H&S staff’s knowledge
  • Personnel support to execute H&S need when internal resources fall short
  • Elevation of their overall H&S program
  • Help preparing or responding to a corporate or supply chain audit

Key Health and Safety Service Areas:

  • General Health & Safety and regulatory compliance support
  • Electrical safety services
  • Training and education
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Machine safeguarding
  • Noise abatement/controls
  • Auditing
  • Management systems
  • Risk assessment
  • Professional resource support
  • Elevator/escalator safety
  • Emergency planning and response
  • Construction safety
  • International EH&S professional services
  • DOT and voluntary drug and alcohol program services
  • Contractor/supplier EHS management
  • Business process improvement
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