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Environmental Assessments

Environmental Assessments

Sediment & Aquatic Ecosystem

Rivers, streams, ponds, lakes and other sensitive habitats can present unique and often costly challenges when situated near operational facilities or development projects, and understanding the effects of industrial activities to these resources is part of the challenge. Without understanding the ecosystem services provided, and the resource value associated with the wetland, any understanding of the role of the habitat is incomplete, and can lead to bad decisions.

Loureiro’s approach is to understand the wetland resource in the context of the regional ecosystem, and then to understand the effects on that resource from local influences, in order to make appropriate decisions about development or remediation. We assess the challenges, identify cost-effective and sensible solutions for our clients, and ensure successful implementation.

Services Include:

  • Source identification and source control
  • Contaminant characterization investigations
  • Alternatives assessment, including monitored natural recovery, in-situ capping, and dredging
  • Human health and ecological risk assessment support
  • Community involvement and relations
  • Sediment transport modeling
  • Remedy design
  • Section 401 and 404 permitting
  • Remedy implementation and effectiveness monitoring
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