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Environmental Assessments

Environmental Assessments

Site Characterization

Contamination can make your project more complex and more costly and evaluating the impacts of current and historic operations on the environmental condition of a property can be costly and confusing. Without the right expertise, it can be daunting to understand the potential risk associated with contamination, cost of cleanup, or whether cleanup is even necessary. Loureiro’s engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists, chemists, environmental specialists, and technicians have years of experience completing site characterization and we can cost-effectively define the nature and extent of contamination, quantify risk, and develop the solution that best fits the site. Our experience covers a vast array of contaminants, environmental media, and settings. During our decades in the industry, we have seen it all, and can offer unique solutions based on past experience.

Through Loureiro’s investigation and assessment services, we gather the data necessary to understand the risks and risk drivers, as well as the potential impacts each may have on your business decisions. Often using an iterative approach, Loureiro leverages our background in engineering and the sciences, using the most appropriate and cost-effective characterization tools to get you the information you need, when you need it. Real-time, risk-based, cost-effective, and systematic: these are the guidelines for what we deliver, each and every time.

Services include:

  • Phase I through Phase IV environmental assessments
  • Due diligence support services, including property condition assessments (PCAs)
  • Potential future environmental risk and potential cost evaluation services
  • Property transfer site assessments
  • Risk-based cleanup solutions
  • RCRA facility investigations
  • UST assessments and closure
  • Clean-closure demonstrations for former RCRA impoundments
  • Dynamic work plan design and implementation
  • Contaminant fate and transport modeling
  • Groundwater monitoring programs
  • Track- and truck-mounted direct-push sampling
  • Mobile laboratory services
  • Brownfield assessments and redevelopment assistance
  • Agency negotiations and litigation support
  • Expert testimony support services
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