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Waste Management

Waste Management


Remediation Waste and Soil Transportation & Disposal

We offer transportation and disposal services for soil projects throughout New England, including: hazardous, TSCA, cover material and petroleum impacted soil that can range from 500 – 50,000 tons. A dedicated representative from our team will help your company with all aspects of soil characterization, profiling, shipping, and disposal.

Our extensive experience with remediation waste, contaminated soil disposal, and job site management gives us a clear advantage over other handlers. Our large network of disposal facilities allows us to best advise our clients on a partner that can offer competitive pricing and full compliance. We excel at implementing dynamic strategies to keep your project on schedule and within budget, and our technical staff can offer further guidance through facility submittal paperwork preparation and shipping process auditing and tracking.

Our core philosophy includes a dedicated environmental component because we understand the liability and responsibility involved with remediation and construction projects.

Services Offered:

  • Project oversight/integration
  • Creative logistical solutions
  • Cover and soil reuse options
  • Petroleum-impacted soil
  • PCB and TSCA soil and debris disposal
  • Soil disposal
  • Equipment and facility decontamination
  • Soil sampling and geoprobe field services
  • Facility approval submittal preparation and soil characterization assistance
  • Triaxles, rolloffs, dump trailers, vactors, boxes, drums
  • Qualified environmental professional certification
  • Asbestos sampling and disposal
  • Field services including insitu (GeoProbe) and Stock Pile soil sampling
  • Groundwater dewatering
  • Groundwater remediation and treatment
  • Soil and material stabilization
  • AST/UST decommissioning
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