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Global Recycling Day: Small Steps That Yield Substantial Impacts

Global Recycling Day: Small Steps that Yield Substantial Impacts

Global Recycling Day celebrates the combined efforts of hundreds of thousands of individuals, our Earth’s resources. At WorkWaste, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Loureiro, sustainability is our passion. By providing full-service construction waste management and on-site recycling services, we help companies create a smarter, safer, and more efficient disposal process. Because helping the environment feels even better when our clients benefit, too.

In honor of this year’s Global Recycling Day (March 18, 2021), we’re sharing a little bit about what we do, and how our work makes a difference for the communities we serve.

Environmental Focus and Sustainable Solutions

Keeping waste out of landfills is the motivating force behind the WorkWaste team. Fulfilling the waste management, remediation, and transportation needs of both the municipal and private sectors, we’ve built a reputation for a smarter approach to disposal in every aspect of the process. “With sustainability becoming standard practice for all industries, we’re committed to focusing on the details that truly make an impact for our clients and our community,” Luisa Carducci, Account Manager for WorkWaste explains.

And that includes thoroughly evaluating a client’s supply chain to find ways to minimize their overall waste throughout their own processes. “We recently helped a solvent manufacturer set up lines for waste drop-offs throughout their supply chain. The new system not only minimized the amount of waste emanated from their process but also enhanced their production speeds and minimized their costs. It was a solution everyone could feel good about.”

Characterization of Waste

Proper waste management starts with a strategy, and that means determining what’s in your waste. While the removal of hazardous materials consisting of dioxins, lead, and other harmful ingredients is a priority, it’s of equal importance to ensure that non-hazardous materials don’t get unfairly lumped in with these bad actors.

“Hazardous materials require a special use incinerator, which can cost double that of non-hazardous material disposal,” Carducci says. “A lot of companies will upsell clients by classifying all of their recyclable waste materials as hazardous when in most cases, it doesn’t warrant the higher cost of going that route. We take the extra time and care to dissect, sample, and properly categorize waste to offer the best disposal options for clients — saving them a lot of unnecessary costs in the end.”

Process Efficiency — Enhanced Client Experiences

In a competitive environment where waste removal fees continue to escalate, WorkWaste prides itself on complete transparency. By always providing a bundled price upfront, clients never have to worry about hidden fees.

With the customer experience at the forefront, we’re always striving for seamless delivery in every part of the process — even something as seemingly trivial as ensuring haulers are on-site when needed. “While it seems obvious, ‘you only want to move dirt once,’” she explains. “But you’d be surprised how often that isn’t the case! We make sure we’re eliminating extra steps for our clients by coordinating the alignment of all hauling and disposal options, so materials are efficiently handled and transported. We understand the importance of a more streamlined process to the increased safety and success of our clients.

“If you’re in need of waste management services, you don’t have to make a huge commitment; just give us a chance at one of your facilities or job sites, and we’ll take the opportunity to show you the difference that our efforts can make,” states Carducci.

In honor of Global Recycling Day, Loureiro and the WorkWaste team would like to thank our clients for their partnership and shared commitment to safer, more sustainable ways to work.

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