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Since 1975, the people of Loureiro have provided the highest quality services including engineering, construction, environmental health & safety, energy, and waste management to leading industrial, government, real estate development, and education/healthcare clients as well as to architects and attorneys throughout North America.


Loureiro has integrated the engineering disciplines so we can efficiently evaluate each project and provide you with a solution that meets your specific needs. We’ve put together a dynamic, multidisciplinary team of experts with the single goal of getting your job done …and done well.

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Environmental Assessment

Contaminated properties resulting from poor historic practices are typically a major financial burden on our clients. We have a track record of cost-effectively defining the nature and extent of contamination, quantifying risk, and developing the solution that best fits the site. Our experience covers a vast array of contaminants, environmental media, and settings.

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Loureiro is a Connecticut-based contractor with a broad range of experience in infrastructure development, environmental remediation and demolition. Our in-house capabilities include: site work; concrete construction; soil, groundwater and sediment remediation.

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Landscape Architecture

CR3 Studio at Loureiro takes pride in our ability to deliver enduring design through a client-oriented process, leading to inspired solutions, and cost-effective site planning.  As a professional design group, we are capable of working independently or with multi-disciplinary teams. We provide experienced insight to all phases of project work from inception, to land use approvals, to construction completion.  We focus on providing responsive service to meet deadlines and facilitate effective team communication to ensure the project’s success.

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Environment, Health and Safety

We provide compliance, best practice and risk management support under a wide array of disciplines. The synergy we have created adds value to your business through our ability to provide accurate, timely, and cost-effective support for all of your EH&S needs.

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Facility Services

The management of a manufacturing facility poses a unique and diverse set of challenges for our clients. Recognizing these challenges, our clients choose us because of our exceptional service and our unique solutions to their uncommon or difficult problems. Our trained technicians have extensive experience working within manufacturing facilities.

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Loureiro understands that energy use and its cost are increasingly important concerns because they not only impact your bottom line but also your organization’s carbon footprint and sustainability efforts. In fact, we face the same issues in our business. The goal of Loureiro is to provide you with cost-effective energy use and carbon footprint reduction plans and to help you implement those plans to achieve substantial energy reduction.

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Waste Management

We examine facility processes and evaluate the best management approach depending on waste, volume, client goals, and budget. We assist in minimizing waste, developing programs and looking for new solutions by leveraging our network and market experience.

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Laboratory Services

Loureiro acquired Tunxis Laboratories in 2014 to better serve our commercial and residential clients and to offer laboratory testing for wastewater, drinking water, groundwater, soil, sediment, and hazardous waste. Services include testing for environmental hazards, treating wastewater, and professional analysis through Loureiro’s waste management, facility services, and environmental divisions to determine the most effective and cost-efficient solutions for your organization.

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